Legal Project Management

– your toolbox for adapting to a changing legal market



The market for legal services has changed significantly in recent years: from a sellers´ market to a buyers´ market where clients require "more for less". Legal Project Management is an internationally established method for managing legal matters that gives you tools for providing more client value at better predictable costs and for working more efficiently.


Course contents:

The workshop will cover the basics of Legal Project Management and follow the life-cycle of legal projects:

  • Introduction to Legal Project Management, different roles in a legal project, the 4 phases of each project.
  • Phase 1: Initiation – high-value questions, stakeholder mapping, scoping dialogue, project charter.
  • Phase 2: Planning – iron triangle, Work Breakdown Structure, estimating time, managing dependencies.
  • Phase 3: Execution – risk management, Kanban-boards, effective project meetings, cost control.
  • Phase 4: Closure – successful delivery, evaluation with clients, lessons learned with team.
  • Common pitfalls in legal projects and best-practice behaviours for legal project managers.


What participants get from this workshop:

This workshop gives you hands-on tools from the LPM toolbox that allow you to:

  • Ask your clients high-value questions that enable you to define the scope of a legal matter more precisely;
  • Manage your clients´ expectations better;
  • Plan your work and estimate time and costs better and control costs;
  • Identify and manage legal risks and communicate them in a client-focused way;
  • Keep clients, colleagues and staff informed effectively;
  • Build in feedback-loops in your work for continuous improvement.

Target group:

This workshop is for all lawyers who give legal advice to organisations – inhouse or law firm, small or big teams, partner or associate, general counsel or legal counsel – regardless of the area of law that they practice. If you want to improve the value you provide to your clients while at the same time keeping costs under control or a good profitability and a good work-life balance, this course is for you!


Training form:

The workshop will focus on hands-on tools, which you will be able to try out as soon as you get back to your desk. We will also have time for discussing our experiences with managing legal projects.



The course material will include the general principles and best practices of Legal Project Management as well as some checklists and templates. It will be provided online via JUC´s portal.


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Dette kurset går under kategorien ikke-juridiske timer. I følge Advokatforeningens regler for etterutdanning kan man få godkjendt opptil 25 ikke-juridiske timer i løpet af en etterutdanningsperiode. 


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torsdag d 10. november 2022

Kl 09:30 - 16:00

Inkl. frokost og lunsj

Høyres Hus
Stortingsgata 20
0161 Oslo


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