​​- Become a specialist in data privacy with the global certification as Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)



CIPM makes you a specialist in the handling of data privacy and data protection, including the management of privacy compliance programs. You will be taught by the experienced IAPP teacher and personal data expert Lars Japp Haslund , who has taught at IAPP certifications for JUC a number of times and has guided all our participants safely through the material. With a CIPM certification, you get a certification in the global industry standard in personal data, where you learn to establish, maintain and manage a personal data compliance program throughout its life cycle. You thus get the necessary tools to be able to work with data privacy compliance programs in your own organization cross-organizationally - including between management, marketing, law, compliance, IT and other parties. You will gain the necessary knowledge to avoid errors in the complex sphere of data privacy law.  


You achieve: 


  • A Global Certification as a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)
  • Paper that you are completely up to date in the field of personal data law and can work with it in practice 
  • The necessary theoretical tools to lead privacy compliance programs and the management of personal data in an organization and you will learn to work successfully with privacy programs 
  • Knowledge to advise on personal data and privacy programs 
  • Access to a wide range of online material, so you can stay up to date in the field


The EU's new data protection regulation imposes stricter requirements on companies and public authorities to have control over personal data and security. If you do not have control over personal data in the future, it can have serious consequences - not least due to the new higher fine limits that come with the new personal data regulation.   

With a certification from JUC and IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) , you are guaranteed a training course and a certification in the global standard in privacy , which - as the only one in the world - is certified according to ISO 17024: 2012. After the certification you get proof that you are a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), the world's first and only certification in privacy program management.    

You will receive proof that you are a leader in the field and have the necessary knowledge about data protection programs. You will learn how to develop, implement and manage successful privacy programs, just as you will learn to structure the work with personal data protection in practice. 

The training is divided into 10 modules, which give you a solid foundation for the handling of personal data and detailed knowledge of how personal data programs are managed in an organization.   




  • Module 1: Introduction to privacy program management - Identifies privacy program management responsibilities, and describes the role of accountability in privacy program management. 


  • Module 2: Privacy governance - Examines considerations for developing and implementing a privacy program, including the position of the privacy function within the organization, role of the DPO, program scope and charter, privacy strategy, support and ongoing involvement of key functions and privacy frameworks.


  • Module 3: Applicable laws and regulations - Discusses the regulatory environment, common elements across jurisdictions and strategies for aligning compliance with organizational strategy.


  • Module 4: Data assessments - Relates practical processes for creating and using data inventories / maps, gap analyzes, privacy assessments, privacy impact assessments / data protection impact assessments and vendor assessments.


  • Module 5: Policies - Describes common types of privacy-related policies, outlines components and offers strategies for implementation.


  • Module 6: Data subject rights - Discusses operational considerations for communicating and ensuring data subject rights, including privacy notice, choice and consent, access and rectification, data portability, and erasure and the right to be forgotten.


  • Module 7: Training and awareness - Outlines strategies for developing and implementing privacy training and awareness programs.


  • Module 8: Protecting personal information - Examines a holistic approach to protecting personal information through privacy by design.


  • Module 9: Data breach incident plans - Provides guidance on planning for and responding to a data security incident or breach.


  • Module 10: Measuring, monitoring and auditing program performance - Relates common practices for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and auditing privacy program performance.


Certification test

To be certified, after the 2 teaching days at JUC, you must book time for the certification test, which is based on the material you have received training in. The test is a computer-based, multiple choice test and is taken at your own coputer. There are 90 questions in total and you have 2.5 hours to answer them. To maintain your certification, you must continuously train in personal data and collect 20 CPE points every two years


Teaching form


The course is taught exclusively in English and in a live online interactive format, where you can both ask questions and talk with teachers and participants.




CIPM is for everyone involved in the work of data privacy and protection programs. You are e.g. a Data Protection Officer, Data Protection Manager, Auditor, Legal Compliance Officer, IT Manager, Information Manager or Advocate advising on the management of privacy programs and the new Data Protection Regulation. You can both work in the private or public sector. 




You will have access to a compendium electronically, which you should have read before the lesson.


The course can be approved as compulsory continuing education for lawyers.




The course is approved by IAPP

The course is approved by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). This means that it lives up to the highest quality level for continuing education in personal data. As certified in personal data you can earn CPE points (continuing privacy education) by participating in JUC activities.

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onsdag d 17. november 2021

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Day 2

torsdag d 18. november 2021

Kl 09:00 - 17:00

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