Regulatory Landscape for Financial and Non-Financial Actors

ESG Certification – Module 1 



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This course is a part of our five-module ESG Certification, a comprehensive education program giving you the tools needed to become ESG-compliant, as well as positioning you and your company for the benefits that comes with proper ESG work.  


The ESG courses provide a comprehensive introduction to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and its significance for businesses. ESG refers to companies' sustainable and responsible practices across various societal domains, encompassing environmental impact, social aspects, and good corporate governance. 

We provide an in-depth overview of the legal framework for ESG reporting, encompassing the Norwegian Annual Accounts Act (årsregnskapsloven), requirements under the Accounting Act (regnskapsloven) incorporating CSRD and the Taxonomy Regulation (taksonomiforordningen), as well as the Disclosure Regulation (offentliggjøringsforordningen) and Marketing Act's (markedsføringsloven) requirements for reporting and communication of sustainability-related assessments. 

In this context, we delve into the requirements for environmental, social issues, and corporate governance, addressing the unique challenges within each area, particularly the organizational aspects related to reporting and delivering on these domains. We further explore the qualitative and quantitative reporting requirements, as well as a practical approach to how enterprises can conduct a dual materiality analysis (dobbelt vesentlighetsanalyse) for their global value chain and utilize these assessments as a foundation for strategic evaluations. Emphasis is also placed on actions companies can take to improve sustainability-related
parameters and the change management this necessitates. 

Finally, the program directly focuses on significant reputation factors and how they can offer strategic advantages (yet also represent legal and financial risks) as part of a company's DNA in branding and external communication. 

Module 1: ESG – Regulatory landscape for financial and non-financial actors  

This course focuses on mapping the regulatory landscape for both financial and non-financial actors. By participating on the course you will get a broad understanding of regulatory pitfalls and opportunities, as well as being able to identify relevant regulatory bodies and constraints such that your company is in compliance with both stakeholders and regulators expectations.  

Among others, the module covers the following main topics:  
  • Review of relevant laws and regulations related to ESG  
  • Expectations from stakeholders and regulatory bodies  
  • Compliance function's role in ESG integration  
  • Compliance in a broader business perspective  
  • Reflection and inspiration regarding ESG and risk management  
  • Workshops and dilemma discussions 


This course is part of a certification process where participation in all modules is necessary to achieve certification. 

For those seeking specialized knowledge in specific areas, participation in individual modules such as this one, is now possible. The course's purpose is to motivate, inspire, and better equip you to fulfill your role within your organization. 

Target Audience  

This program is designed for individuals aiming to work professionally with ESG within their organizations, requiring a comprehensive understanding of all central aspects, including legislative developments, reporting requirements, as well as management, strategy, and communication. 
This may include board members, corporate lawyers or risk managers, CSR officers, finance and accounting managers, lawyers or legal assistants, or strategy and management consultants seeking a deeper understanding of the ESG field to lead, implement, or advise on ESG within businesses and organizations. 
The certification is based on presentations, workshops, and discussions. The course will be thought in English, but many of the topics will have a focus towards implementing ESG in Norwegian companies and practices.  


You will gain access to course presentations and other relevant materials through JUC's online material portal. 

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