Dr Linn Anker-Sørensen

Global Sustainable Finance Law and Regulation Leader, EY

Linn Anker-Sørensen has followed the development of sustainability law since 2010 as a legal researcher and advises clients in strategic orientation, disclosure regimes, sustainable corporate governance, supply chain due diligence and evaluation of green investment and asset ratios.

Linn Anker-Sørensen holds a PhD in Law. She is a member of the European Securities Markets Authority’s (ESMA) standing committee on innovative finance and holds a certificate in global management from INSEAD. She is heading an EU-wide project to assist financial intermediaries to evaluate green projects from small- and medium-sized enterprises. For listed companies and financial entities, she assists with ESG-related compliance, market orientation of green financial products and strategic selection of a suitable business model.
Linn frequently publishes in the domain of sustainable finance in well-established international journals, and her monography on multinational corporate group structures and innovative business models was published with Cambridge University Press in 2022.

How Linn is building a better working world:
“When I started exploring sustainable finance in 2010, few of us had foreseen the regulatory revolution this domain is facing now. A transition of capital into greener or more social activities involves a shift for financial intermediaries, investors and companies. When I advise clients in strategic matters, sustainable finance is a reoccurring topic as part of a portfolio for investors, green asset ratios of banks and to attract and qualify for cheaper financing for SMEs. Hence, sustainable finance represents a building block in the larger shift toward a more sustainable business environment.

I asked my children what sustainability means and they answered two things; first, sustainability means taking a long-term perspective on something, and second, doing something better over time. I bring both the long-term and the ever-improving perspective with me in my everyday work when I strive to build a better and more sustainable working world.”